At a sparkling event, enormously growing mobile phone brand, TECNO Mobile revealed its most recent camera-focused smartphones, the Camon CX & Camon CX Air. The event was organized at the Royal Palm Country Club, Lahore.
The evening was superb with the media personalities, well-known superstars, fashion icons, notable bloggers and the top management of TECNO Mobile. The GM of TECNO Mobile Mr. Stephen Ha was also there at the event to make this event wonderful.

A famous designer and journalist Sarah Gandapur hosted the launch event’s Red Carpet. She managed to talk with the celebrities and singers including Sana Raj, Hiba Khan, Xille Huma, Dania Sheikh and many more and asked about their views on the TECNO Camon CX launch event.

The famous Pakistani vocalist and actor Fahad Sheikh alongside with gorgeous Sophie Anjum were there to host the launch event. General Manager of TECNO Mobile, Mr. Stephen Ha, started with a presentation that highlighted TECNO’s successful ride around the world. 

The groundbreaking “Selfie Phone”, was the main highlight of the launch event. The smartphone uses a smart image sensor which supports 16 megapixels on the front camera along with TECNO’s distinctive ‘4 in 1’ technology.
This smart pixel sensor captures the individual pictures and after this, it turns them into signals. These signals a single and brighter picture. Therefore, this makes selfies brighter even in darkness.

There is also a modified ring flash on the back camera which is a unique feature by TECNO Mobile only.

Even with a dull light, the high-end de-noising system has the power to make selfies brighter. However, if this is not enough then, the dual front flash is there to do the remaining job perfectly. All of this gives the Camon CX and CX Air users a real selfie experience.
To keep the trust factor in view, TECNO Mobile has also announced a “100-days replacement warranty” for the Camon CX smart phones series. TECNO Mobile is the only brand in Pakistan that is offering such warranty to its users.
The Camon CX & Camon CX Air were there at the Experience Zone. This lunch event went more with entertainment programs. For this purpose, Mr. Asrar Shah was there to create magic with his voice.

Overall, the launch event was a successful one. Guests enjoyed the great experience of Camon CX & CX Air at the Experience Zone. TECNO Mobile is also a global partner of the Manchester City Football Club.
At the launch event, Stephen Ha, the General Manager of TECNO Mobile, said:

TECNO Mobile has a clear vision to empower its customers with the best technology available. This is the beginning of a dream to make our best products available to our customers around the world and in Pakistan. For TECNO Mobile, it always has been a tradition to positively affect lives around the globe.

Transsion’s Vice President, Willie Cui, also added:

TECNO Mobile is powered by the vision of Transsion Holdings which is to incorporate state of the art technologies into localized products under the concept of ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’.

That is all from the TECNO Mobile press release. At the end, we hope to see these two smartphones conquering the Pakistani mobile market. However, the competition is a tough one. Check out the below links to see detailed specification and Camon CX & Camon CX Air price in Pakistan.

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