Samsung galaxy S8 transparent

Samsung Galaxy S8

A boy named Jerry a YouTuber has posted a video of Transparent Samsung Galaxy S8 on its YouTube channel and it is really cool. The video is going viral from last day around the internet and still on the way. Well-known websites like The Verge and Android Authority have covered him as well and now we are.

In this video, a boy has proved very well, it is possible to convert the rear back panel of Samsung Galaxy S8 into clear transparent. It is quite risky as well but if you do it carefully you can have cool type Samsung galaxy S8 like the YouTuber. In his YouTube channel JerryRigEverything he has shown the way in detail, how to get the crystal clear fully transparent real panel of Samsung Galaxy S8 in which Battery and the circuit board is visible.

In the above video, at first, YouTuber removed the back panel from the flagship. Then he has removed all the color from the glass of backside with some good quality of paint thinner. Although it is not as easy as you can imagine by seeing the above video. You have to be expert enough and careful for the very first process of removing the back panel from the smartphone. Again you going to need your expertise, in the end, to fix it back. The middle process is not much critical, just you have to remove the color with a good quality thinner and need to wash it in the end. This is the way you can have simple cool transparent Samsung Galaxy S8.

Warning: You are going to lose Samsung warranty if you do so. Plus Your Smartphone is no more water resistance anymore after this process.  Do not try it with your smartphone if you are not good at it.

We are waiting for your comments below about this YouTube video of Samsung galaxy S8 with a rear clear back panel. Let us know about your views on this experience. Is it really cool or useless?

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