Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallpaper

Samsung’s next flagships Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are in the hot news nowadays. Every day new leaks and rumors are increasing this hype to a whole new level. Previous Year, Samsung delayed its reveal on MWC 2017 and announced its Galaxy S8 after that. But this time, Samsung has been planning to reveal its next Galaxy smartphone a day or two before the MWC 2018. Before its reveal, we have something for you that will give you some idea about the upcoming new Galaxy mobile. We have managed to find out the first official Samsung Galaxy S9 wallpaper.

If you are a mobile lover, then there is a good chance that you may know about Evan Blass. No worries if you do not know!  Evan Blass is a famous mobile leaker and he tweets a lot about new and upcoming smartphones.

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A few days ago, he tweeted and leaked the very first design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. According to the leaked images, Galaxy S9 and S9+ seems to feature the same hardware design as the previous Galaxy S8 and S8+.

After this tweet, all the discussion started. Some people loved the mobile design and some went for the wallpaper. A wallpaper is something that gets your first attention. Right after two days, Evan Blass again tweeted with the wallpaper. You can download the official Samsung Galaxy S9 wallpaper from below:

Samsung has always made some unique wallpapers for its customers. This wallpaper features polygon shaped patterns like in Samsung Galaxy S5 wallpapers. I am sure this will look fantastic when you will use this wallpaper on your smartphone.

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Furthermore, this year, Mobile World Congress 2018 is going to held at Barcelona and will start on 26th of February and end on 1st of March 2018. So, spare your time to witness what this MWC 2018 is bringing for us?