Find Wifi Facebook

Facebook’ new Find Wi-Fi feature is rolling out now.   Reportedly, Facebook hits two billion users worldwide. Many of congratulations to the world’s top social platform for having that huge numbers of users from around the world. Now Facebook isn’t only for friendships and chats things but there is a lot more inside this exciting social book.

With time to time Facebook improving the things and adding the useful features for its users. A few days ago, Facebook introduced a very useful Profile Picture Guard Feature which is helpful to protect your Profile image from misuse.

Find Wi fi FB

Now coming back to new and latest Find Wi-Fi feature which seems quite beneficial. As you can see in the picture above, this feature help to find a nearby Wi-fi networks around you especially helps to find free and open Wi-Fi. Before that this feature was available on iOS in few countries for testing purpose. But now Facebook Find WiFi feature is rolling out worldwide for both Android OS and iOS. It is the cool edition to the FB which will not only help you to find Wi-Fi but also will help you find nearby places around you same like Google Map.

Facebook Find WiFi feature is located in setting tab placed on the right upper corner of the FB application. You can see the way in the video given above.