Google Play Store Discount

Google is going to celebrate this summer in its full flow and style. We have always seen that developers are the ones who offer some discounts on their applications and games. However, this time Google is offering some special discounts on Google Play Store with the beginning of this summer.

This distinctive discount deal from Google is live now. This offer started on 29th of June and will remain live until July 6. In this discounted offer, you will get special price cuts on almost all categories including games, apps, music and books. Google Play Music has also got some discounts as it is offering four months of free subscription which costs $10 per month in other normal days. On Books, there will be the discount from 50% to 80%.

During this deal time, Google Play Music is offering a full free subscription for four months.

Other discounts will be on movies and TV shows. You can rent out any movie only for $0.99 and for TV shows, the discount is flat 50%.Google Play Store Discount Offer

There are a number of premium games, which have dropped their in-app purchase prices. A few premium games with discounts are:

Check out the complete list with discounts

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This sale on all category Applications will be ending on July 6 but you can enjoy other deals on Movies and TV shows until July 13. So be ready and choosy this summer!