Android O
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Android is going so much faster as the company recently announced another version. This new OS version will be off course ‘android O’ and possibly version number will be Android 8.0. However just like previous version Android N, the name of this new version is a secret. The name for this new version will possibly be revealed at Google’s I/O developer’s conference 2017. So here the question is that what will be the name of new Android version?

What will be the name of this new Android Version?

We have a question and also have an answer for that. If we take a look on previous Android versions, one thing is clear that new version will also be named after some sweet thing. There are some rumors, which are suggesting that name of this new version will be ‘Oreo’ and some others are calling it ‘Oh’.

Previously when Android N preview was released for developers then Google started a suggestions game in which people all around the world played a good role and suggested Google with some awesome names.  This can be possible if Google will come with another game to let people suggest some names. However, for now, the name is a top secret in this tech world.

What are the new features in Android O?

There are many new features, which will be included in Android 8.0 or Android O. These features include a number of settings UI changes and some changes in notifications. More features that are new in this version can be seen in below video. This video was originally uploaded by Neowin.

How can we get this new version?

Google has launched its first preview only for developers and this very first version is not available through the wireless update to all beta users as it is not included in Android beta program. This version is specifically launched for a number of hardware devices including Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Pixel and Pixel XL, however, these devices also do not receive any OTA update but these will be flashed manually through a system image. Click here to download System Images for manually OS installation.

Warning: During manually flashing a device, your device can be dead and this process will remove all the data from phone memory.

This preview version is only for developers and testers so that they can develop new applications and can able to find bugs from this version. And if you want to flash your device then make sure that you have a spare phone in case of any issue during flashing.

And stay with us for more updates about Android’s new Operating System!

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