BlackBerry Posts How-To videos to Explore its New BlackBerry KEYone

In February, a Chinese company named TCL Communications revealed BlackBerry KEYone at MWC 2017. Initially, this phone rumored as Blackberry Mercury but BlackBerry KEYone is the official name. This phone also features a physical keyboard as the old style BlackBerry does.

Now the Blackberry KEYone is on the edge to release and it is even now available in one store in London. Still, it is not available somewhere else in the UK and in the US until 31st May.

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BlackBerry was in deep crisis from the last years and somehow they are managing to come back in the Mobile Game. Now with the release of BlackBerry new phone, the company has revealed How-To videos to give its customers something to watch to get more from this phone. These videos recently uploaded to YouTube and now online to watch. Uploaded videos will give its users tips and tricks to use this phone in a better way. If you are going to have this phone then it is very important to watch these videos.

Below is the complete list of YouTube videos to watch:

1How to set the BlackBerry KEYone convenience key

2How to install a SIM card on the BlackBerry KEYone

3How to take a screenshot

4How to add or change a Google account on the BlackBerry KEYone

5How to switch to an iPhone on the BlackBerry KEYone

6How to maximize battery life on the BlackBerry KEYone

7What do the three dots beneath an icon on the BlackBerry KEYone mean?

8How to assign keyboard shortcuts on the BlackBerry KEYone

9How to add or change an email account

10How to Switch from an Android to the BlackBerry KEYone

11How to quick launch the camera

In Pakistan, we have to wait for this phone and actually do not know how much?  So share your thoughts with us and always be happy!