iMessage update


iMessage is the instant messaging application of Apple which helps iOS user to send messages, images, audio, videos, and location in a fast way. Here is a good news for the users of the iMessege app. At the stage of Apple WWDC 2017(Worldwide Developers Conference) Apple announced, iMessege is going to be part of iCloud very soon in the upcoming iOS 11.

It is quite useful and satisfactory as iMessege users will be able to see their text messages on any device just after signing in on their iCloud accounts. If you are an iMessege user, in iOS 11 you do not need to carry your Apple device every time with you to see your text on iMessege.

WWDC 2017

Apple refreshed the complete iMessage application. Now it will allow you make small backups of text on iMessage App. There is another foremost update in the iMessage, if you delete you text on iMessege by using your iPhone it will be automatically shown on your desktop of your Mac (if connected).

There were the major changings Apple has announced at WWDC 2017 for iMessage. We have to wait for iOS 11 for the live experience of iMessege.

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Furthermore, A lot of things happening on the stage of WWDC 2017 and we are going to articulate each and every announcement of WWDC. Keep in touch for further updates.