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WhatsAppTracking Feature

From the day Facebook-owned WhatsApp, this Famous App is working on many new cool features of iOS and Android application for its users. Already WhatsApp has brought many changes as they have added many new features (video calling, GIF feature, Video play without downloading), from the day owned by the Facebook and WhatsApp is still working on many new interesting features for its users.

A few days ago, WhatsApp has rolled out new Revoke feature for Beta users in which user can call his message back before the message is seen by the receiver.

That means if in hurry or mistakenly, you send the wrong message to the wrong person then there is nothing to worry about because you can recall your message back to you before that message creates any serious issue for you. But there is only one condition that you can call your message back before it was seen by the receiver. Besides that, there are rumors about another new feature which is little same to Recall feature in which user can edit the sent message but the condition is same as message should be edited before receiver seen the message.

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Now we found WhatsApp is working on another new rumored tracking feature for both Android and iOS. Rumored Beta versions of WhatsApp for Android (2.16.399) and iOS ( are available to use. According to @WABetainfo, With the help of this new feature “Live Location Tracking” users can track their group members at any time in real time. For example, If friends of WhatsApp group planed any visit somewhere and they have decided to get together at one specific spot. If anyone from the group, disabled the feature then no one can track him. There is also a Time option for users in which users can enable tracking for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes or Enable indefinitely.

For now, this new feature is by default disabled from WhatsApp and it is not confirmed yet when this cool feature is going to be launched for everyone.

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