Samsung internet 5.4

Samsung Internet 5.4

There are very few Samsung mobile users who prefer the Samsung’s own browser for internet surfing. Most of the smartphone users are addicted to Google Chrome and others. Although, Samsung internet browser is not that much famous. But the company is still working to improve it.

Last day Samsung has released a new version 5.4 of its Internet web browser with some improvements and updates. The company has added some new exciting, useful and rocking extensions. CloseBy, QR Code Reader, and Quick Menu option are the new extension in the new version of the Samsung internet browser. Let’s talk about these new features in the Samsung browser.


Samsung has added the CloseBy extension to its Samsung Internet browser which will help the users to find the information about their surroundings.

Samsung CloseBy

For example, if you are standing at the busy bus stop and you are unfamiliar to that area and Bus timings then CloseBy will help to find the Bus Routes and Bus schedules.


All will be done by visiting a URL of the site which will be received by CloseBy via Physical Web beacon technology. Besides that, CloseBy will help you to get a detailed information about your surroundings easily.

Samsung has added another extension called QR code reader extension right under the menu bar.

Samsung QR Reader
QR Reader

This extension will help the user to scan a QR code more speedily. Talking about interesting Quick Menu option, which will be visible on the browser screen same like the assistive touch on the iPhone.

Samsung quick menu
Quick Menu

This new feature will be helpful to share anything with others straight from the browser. The user can open multiple tabs, and for some other purposes while you are using the Samsung internet browser. You can share the videos more easily with the devices (Gear VR, TV) connected to your smartphone.

video sharing
Video sharing

Above all new features in Samsung internet browser are quite useful and easy. Let us know about your views in the comments below. You can find the further information about this straight from SAMSUNG NEWSROOM.

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