Nokia 105 (2017)
image source/WiniFuture

New Nokia 105 & Nokia 130

After enjoying the long journey of success now Nokia reshaped its best-selling feature phones Nokia 105 and Nokia 130. Surprisingly, this time these both Nokia feature phones come with the bigger screen of 1.8-inches. And this bigger screen is only major change and difference we can notice in the new and old Nokia 105. While in new Nokia 130 (2017) we are not seeing anything new except a VGA camera and Snake Game.

You can notice the major design changing in the new Nokia feature phones. If you ignore the size of these phones, then both phones Nokia 105 (2017) and Nokia 130 (2017) look alike the latest Nokia 3310 (2017).

New Nokia 105

Nokia 105 (2017) comes with 1.8-inches TFT display along with the resolution of  120 x 160 pixels. New Nokia 105 is powered by 4MB RAM as well as 4MB internal storage. There is LED torch light on the upper side of the phone right with the 3.5mm audio jack. It comes with 800mAh battery, micro-USB 2.0 ports, and FM radio. It will be available in 3 colors of Black, White, and Blue.

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New Nokia 130

Nokia 130 (2017) features the same 1.8-inches TFT display and the 128 x 160 pixels resolution. New Nokia 130 comes with VGA (0.3MP) camera and MP3 Player. LED Torch light and 3.5mm audio jack are on the same place as on Nokia 105. It sport same 4MB RAM but more 8MB ROM. 1020mAh battery is also little bigger than the battery of Nokia 105. It supports Bluetooth connectivity and runs Nokia 30+ software. It also features Snake Xenzia game. Nokia 130 will come in 3 colors of Red, Grey, and Black.

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Both New Nokia 105 and Nokia 130 are going to available in Single and Dual SIM variants but reportedly in Pakistan, both will be available only in Dual SIM variant. Officially Nokia 105 2017 is priced at $15 and Nokia 130 comes with the price tag of $21.50. It means Nokia 105 (2017) price in Pakistan will be around Rs. 2100 and Nokia 130 (2017) price in Pakistan will be around Rs. 2600.