refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7
image: Androidguys

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung’s unlucky Galaxy Note 7 is coming back again at the end of June 2017. Reportedly refurbished Samsung Note 7 will be available in South Korea right after two months from now with the small battery and low price. Many of rumors were coming down about the relaunch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after resolving the battery issue. After the viral fire catching issue, Samsung recalled all the units of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and of course company is unable to trash these millions of units after so much investment. So the Samsung has decided to decrease the battery capacity and drop the price accordingly so investment doesn’t go waste. Samsung not might be able to recover all the money invested on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but something is better than nothing.

Reported on etnews, refurbished model of Galaxy Note 7 will be named Galaxy Note 7 R and at first, it will go on sale in South Korea from where the company belongs. There are three hundred thousand unit of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which will go on sale at first in the market. Allegedly refurbished Note 7 will be priced at ₩ 700,000 ($625). This is just rumored price as it is not confirmed yet by the officials but it will be very low than the original price. The refurbished units of Galaxy Not 7 are expected to pack a smaller battery than the previous. It was all the battery behind the disaster of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and now seemingly company have resolved the issue with replacing the battery of low capacity.

As we mentioned above, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 R will be reintroduced in South Korea at first but there is no news about refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Pakistan, India or in any other country. Apparently, if the company did not receive any complaint again in refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in Korea then we can hope it will be available in other countries as well.