Samsung collaborated with Google to give its customers something Extra

Recently Samsung has launched its two flagships Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. With the launch, the giant company joins hands with Google. Some days ago, Samsung and Google announced their partnership and Samsung decided to use Google music streaming application “Google Play Music” as their preferred music application instead of its old music application. Google Play Music was also the default music application in Samsung Galaxy S7.

This partnership is very much effective and important for Google, as their music application will be the default Music Application for Samsung Mobiles Now in Galaxy S8 and onwards. Google is going to make some special changes in streaming application only for Samsung customers.

Samsung users can be able to upload 100,000 music tracks to Google Play Music and get a free three months subscription.  

Through this offer and partnership, Galaxy S8 users will receive a customized application in new Samsung devices. Google will make special changes only for Samsung Mobile customers. Samsung Galaxy S8 users will be able to upload 100,000 songs, audio files to the applications cloud service free of cost, and for other customers, the upload limit is 50,000. With this service, a user can upload songs and can listen from anywhere.

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Along with these benefits, Samsung customers will also get three months free trial period of Google’s music application and an early access to YouTube Red. Moreover, for all non-Samsung customers, Google Play Music will also be available on Play Store to download and use.

Customized Google Play Music will also support Samsung new assistant ‘Bixby’. So if you want to play a track then you just have to call for assistant ‘Bixby’ to play a track for you.

Anyhow, Google is getting a big push for its music application and hope that this music application will not be the same as Samsung’s own Milk Music Application.