Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked Date

A number of leaks and rumors are surrounding on the internet about Samsung Galaxy Note 8 images and videos. 23rd August is coming and we are waiting for this date eagerly. Samsung Mobile is going to reveal its upcoming phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on 23rd of this month. The launch event will take place in New York City. The company has recently uploaded a teaser video on their official YouTube channel. This Samsung Galaxy Note 8 teaser video is all about doing things what you can’t do.

The teaser does not tell us anything about Note 8 specifically but we can see S-Pen stylus prominently in the video. Have a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 teaser video to find out what it is all about.

Do bigger things:

This teaser video also shows some terms that will be conceptually modified with the new Note 8. For example, with Note 8, impossible will be possible, can’t will be can, big will be bigger and at the end think will be do. These all terms show only one thing and that is Do bigger things.

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Along with the release of this video, Samsung Mobile Press has said:

At Samsung, we believe thinking that you can’t is the greatest barrier to progress, so with each new device and service, we aim to find ways to help you unleash your potential, using bigger platforms for creative expression, bigger tools to capture precious moments, and bigger innovations to help bring your ideas to life.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date is not confirmed yet but it will possibly the second week of September and its price in Pakistan will be around 90,000+. If we talk about Galaxy Note 8 features, then the phablet will be coming with Infinity Display, Snapdragon 835, S-Pen stylus, dual cameras and some other hidden features.

We hope that this new Note will not the same as the previous Galaxy Note 7. Let us know if you like to have a brand new Galaxy Note 8.