samsung galaxy s8
Image Source: tribune

Samsung Galaxy S8

We are apprising our readers through our articles, about the every rumor about upcoming flagships by Samsung from last few weeks. The launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus is just a few hours away. We have already articulated the each and everything, we have come to know about these forthcoming devices by Samsung. A few hours ago we have told our viewers in detail about these new smartphones.

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Launching event which is going to happen after few hours in New York and London in which we will see live unpacked Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Just before this event, we are going to show you the two leaked videos of Samsung Galaxy S8.  Although these videos are few days old but we want our readers to watch them, who haven’t watched them before. By watching these videos, you have to accept that, Galaxy S8 flagship by Samsung is going to be more than splendid.

In the videos, were posted online on YouTube channel called Slash-leaks, we can see a person continuously typing on the keyboard and testing touch sensitivity  and in other he is trying to show the every side of Samsung Galaxy S8.