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Why Japanese prefer every phone waterproof

Image Source: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Best-Japanese-Android-smartphones-of-2014_id64619

Nowadays every smartphone company launching its waterproof smartphones globally. Today every smartphone user prefer a phone which is waterproof. In past, it wasn’t big requirement from the customers like now.

But in Japan waterproof phones are being used since many years ago from now. The reason behind this is very interesting. In Japan females used to carry their phones everywhere, like they are addicted to their phones so much, even they carry their phones to the shower room, swimming pool as well. It seems waterproof phones in Japan is made especially for women. That’s why on that time every smartphone company in Japan market, make sure that every phone being released by the company is waterproof. They can attract the users that way.

LG Smartphone Company, famous for its smartphones.LG was not making waterproof phones but for the Japan market only.That was the reason, latest smartphone of this company G5 phone was not released in Japan because this phone is not waterproof plus have a removable battery. People in Japan prefer a phone which is waterproof than removable battery said’’ LG’s director.

The first ever waterproof phone has featured phone was  “CASIO 502s” in 2005.

CASIO 502s Source: https://www.manualdousuario.net/smartphone-prova-dagua/

Other companies launched their waterproof phones as well in last few years.in 2014 Samsung released its giant waterproof smartphone named Galaxy S5. Now, this year Apple launched iPhone7&iPhone7plus in the market which is also waterproof which can resist water for many hours .still many companies don’t priorities waterproof feature. As this feature adds extra sum plus it is not an easy task to make smartphone waterproof.