Zong 4G Pakistan has been attracting the Pakistani internet consumers especially mobile users since the company started lowest and the cheapest Zong 4G internet packages to its users. Zong 4G is offering hourly, daily, night, quarterly, weekly and monthly internet packages at the lowest rate. This is the reason that now Zong is known as one of the best internet providers network in Pakistan. A lot of internet data consumers are switching their mobile networks to Pakistan’s widest & fastest 4G network Zong.  Zong GDO (good day offer) and GNO (good night offer) are the latest best 4G LTE internet offers by Zong. https://rusbank.net
Take a look at the Zong latest prepaid 4G internet packages in 2018. You can choose any of Zong 4G LTE data bundle from below list. Here you can see, All Zong internet bundles, their volume with the price including social internet bundles for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. See how to activate Zong internet packages.

Zong 4G Daily Internet  Packages

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Zong offers two types of Zong one day daily 4G internet packages. 1st daily Zong basic package contains the 100MB volume costs Rs. 15 only. Another one is Zong daily Max package with 500MB volume for Rs. 35 only. Besides that, you can see the Zong Daily social internet bundles for Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

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Weekly Internet Packages

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Zong Pakistan offers 4 kinds of weekly internet data bundles. First one is Zong Weekly Premium package which contains 700MB data for 7 days at the cost of Rs. 70. 2nd one is known as Zong Super Weekly package in which you can enjoy 2GB 4G LTE internet data for a week fro Rs. 100 only. The third one is called Zong Online Weekly package which is loaded with 2500MB 4G internet data for 7 days at the cost of Rs. 120+Tax only. The last one is Zong Super Weekly Plus package which gives you 3000 MB for 7 days for Rs .130 +Tax only. You can activate and subscribe any of above Zong 4G data bundle by simply dialing *6464#.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

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Zong giving 4 types of monthly internet data packages to its 4G internet customers. At first is Zong Monthly Premium 10GB package ( I am using right now) in which you will get 40GB (10GB for all months and 1GB for every night 1am to 9am) of total 4G internet data for the whole month at the price of Rs. 600+Tax. You have to load total Rs. 950 to activate this Zong best monthly package Monthly Premium 10GB.
After that, there comes Zong Monthly Premium 3GB internet package which contained 3GB of volume for Rs. 300+Tax ( Load Rs. 550). The third one is Zong Monthly Basic 500 internet data package for Rs. 150+Tax only in which you can enjoy 500MB 4G internet for 30 days. You have to recharge Rs. 250 to avail this Zong 4G internet Monthly Basic 500 package. At the end, here is Zong Monthly Mini 150 internet package which will cost you Rs. 50+Tax to use 150MB for all month. You have to load Rs. 100 to avail this Monthly Mini 150 Zong Package.


  • For check remaining Zong 4G internet Data MBs dial *102#.
  • You can Unsubscribe any of above Zong 4G internet packages by dialing *6464#.
  • Advance Income Tax of 12.5% applies to recharge balance.
  • 19.5% Sales Tax will be applicable to All of above Zong 4G packages subscription.
  • You will be charged Rs. 1 to Rs. 4 per MB if you are using Zong internet without activating any of above Zong 4G internet packages.

Zong Internet Promotions 

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Zong Pakistan providing attracting, cheapest, and affordable Zong 4G internet promotions for its customers. Let’s talk about one of the best Zong 4G internet promotion called Good Night Offer. In this offer, you can enjoy 2GB Zong 4G internet data which is applicable from midnight 1 AM to morning 9 AM. Not only for the night but Zong also offers a similar package for daytime called Good Day Offer. In GDO you can avail 1GB data from early morning 4 AM to evening 4 PM. Zong also offers a Zong Super Student Bundle for Rs. 5 + tax only which contains Zong to Zong free unlimited calls and 30MB 4G internet Data only for 2 hours.

Data Share Bundle

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Zong Data Share Bundle is the latest and newest 4G internet offer by Zong. In this offer you can share your internet data with your family members and friends even they are not living with you. By subscribing this Bundle you can share your internet with up to 10 friends and family members. Now the question is how can you use or activate this Zong Data Share Bundle? The answer is very simple as one of you have to subscribe any of above Zong data share offer and others all added friends in the list can use the internet as long as the data volume is available. Dail *6464*5# to activate any of above Data Share Bundle. At first, create the group, then subscribe the bundle, add your beloved friends and start sharing your internet with them.

Zong 4G Internet SIM Packages

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There are special Zong 4G internet packages for those who are using Zong internet data Sim. Here above all the different monthly and 3 months Zong 4G Internet SIM Packages. You can activate any of above Zong internet package for your Zong internet sim which you are using on your mobile, Zong 4G internet device, or Zong 4G cloud device. Besides that, you can also avail DTO offer 1GB/Day (9 am-4 pm) & GNO 1GB/Day (1:00 AM to 09:00 AM) for Rs. 500 & Rs. 200 respectively as per bundle validity.

Zong 4G Broadband Packages

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If you are using any of Zong 4G broadband devices like Zong 4G Bolt+, Zong 4G Bolt, Zong 4G Bolt, or Zong 4G Bolt+ then you can enjoy any of above Zong 4G internet packages for your Zong 4G MBB device. You can choose any of monthly MBB package, 3 months MBB package, 6 months MBB package or year (12 months) Zong MBB internet package. Furthermore, if you want to use more internet data then you can add 5GB internet data per month just for Rs. 450 in any of your above MBB internet bundle.


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Zong Pakistan giving a free SIM called One Plus SIM to all of its broadband users. Free SIM contains Free Zong 4G internet data, Free ONNET Voice Minutes, and Free SMS. After subscribing any of Zong 4G MBB data bundle, you will get free data MBs, free Mins, and free minutes for the call as described above. You can use this Zong One Plus SIM until you are subscribing to Zong 4G Mobile broadband bundles.
These all above are the detailed list of all latest and new Zong 4G internet packages in 2018. But, We strongly recommend you to read all terms and conditions of any of the above package before its subscription. We will keep updating the post if any change occurs.