Halide App

Halide – iPhone Camera App

Halide is a new camera application for iPhone which delivers an exciting photography results with quite impressive camera tools. The new app was introduced by  Ex-Twitter engineer Ben Sandofsky & former Apple designer Sebastiaan de With. Halide application was launched just a few hours ago for iOS and it is now available on iTunes store for $2.99. This price is only for this week, from the next week it will be priced at $4.99. For now, Halide application is available only in English language and soon it will be available in German, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

There are many of camera applications available for iOS users but Halide is specially for those who love photography, understand photography, and most important for those who think they are photographers. It is for those who got some knowledge of photography, and they how to capture and focus the particular subject. Halide’s automatic mode helps to take perfect beauty clicks, touchy, and difficult shots.

Halide tools

There are many of useful and professional camera tools inside the Halide app including Quick EV (you can adjust exposure with intuitive swipe), Focus peaking (you can focus without the guesswork.App highlight the area of sharpest contrast in real time), Histogram (helps to make easy & right exposure), and Grid and Level (get your shots aligned). Halide supports RAW+JPEG for editing your captured photos.

Talking about Halide, Sebastiaan de With has said:

“You don’t really need to understand concepts like Exposure Compensation, EVs, or manual focus to enjoy the features in Halide. So we hope to see many people pick it up, not just the die-hard photographers.”

Halide feature
image: TechCrunch

So that is clear, Halide is not only for photographers but for everyone who is using iOS. If you do not know photography still you can use many of useful things in Halide. You can visit Halide website for further information about this App.

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