whatsapp update

WhatsApp Update

In the start of this month, WhatsApp introduced the video calling for its users. Now WhatsApp users do not need to download an extra application for video calling like IMO & Skype besides WhatsApp.

After this great feature now WhatsApp introduced the new feature in which user can watch videos without download the videos. Before that whenever any WhatsApp user receives any video from any other WhatsApp user, he has to wait until that video being download. He has to wait for few seconds, often more than a minute depends on internet speed. After the wait, he can see what it is about?

That was the reason often user ignore videos without knowing what it is about.

Now WhatsApp introduced this new feature in which user can watch videos without downloading them.

This feature is already available on Android and will be available on iOS and other operating systems. Of course, this feature is going to help he users for time-saving, without wasting time user will able to know what video is about and for sure, will enjoy more.