used iPhone

Know about “Apple”?  I am sure that you know about the technological importance of this fruit. Apple smartphones are very much expensive and many people cannot afford them at that cost. So they wait and want to purchase used mobile in low cost. Whenever a new Apple phone is launched then the value and price of old phone goes down considerably cheaper.

But what you do if you purchased a used phone in morning and that phone gets locked in the evening?

I think you know better what to do?

So here I am going to tell you about 7 steps to consider while purchasing used iPhone. The risk of buying defected and damaged iPhone will considerably goes low if you follow these instructions.

  • Check if device is IMEI cleaned:

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique id to check valid devices. With the help of IMEI we can check if the phone is stolen or locked. IMEI of a phone can be checked by dialing *#06# or by checking from Settings>General>About. You can check mobile authentication by checking the status of your iPhone from IMEI checking websites.

  • Check if Phone is not on iCloud?

This is something really important to check if the phone is iCloud locked or not. If phone is locked with iCloud then there are many features like Reset, Update to new iOS version, AirDrop and Bluetooth which cannot be used.  So before buying it is really important to check for iCloud.

  • Check for water damage:

iPhone uses a special feature to check if a phone is water damage or not. All the iPhone come up with LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) which turns RED when phone comes in contact with any kind of liquid. The LCI location is available inside the body of phone. You can check LCI location in all models from the below link:

  • Check if phone is not carrier locked:

Make sure to remember that iPhone should be unlocked and able to work with your own network carrier. For example if you have purchased an iPhone from abroad and want to use in Pakistan then first of all you have to unlock it to use with your own network.

  • Check all the basic functionalities:

Whenever you want to purchase a used iPhone, you should have to be more focused to check all the basic functionalities. Basic functions to check should be:

  • Check if Bluetooth is working fine?
  • Check the Wi-Fi by connecting to nearest available Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Check the touch screen to verify about its touch flow. Make sure to check 3D touch if available. Touch should have to work without any resistance.
  • Check battery drainage:

This is something which one cannot identify in a short time period. We have some tips to consider while checking a used iPhone battery before buying.

  • Turn ON all the functions of phone and use them simultaneously
  • Set the screen brightness to full
  • Make some 400-500 pictures with iPhone Burst mode.
  • Make some pictures and videos quickly.
  • Make a call of at least 5-6 minutes.

So check if phone battery is decreasing at once and also phone is getting hot then probably it is due to battery issue.

  • Check microphone and speaker:

Basic need of mobile phones is to communicate with your loved ones. If microphone and speaker quality is not good then just search for another phone with some good microphone and speaker quality. So better check for microphone and speaker quality.

Hope if you follow these steps you will get a phone with minimum risk. Please negotiate payment at your end according to the condition of phone. Also if you have time then check phone with benchmarking applications just like AnTuTu Benchmark.